Bitcoin: An imminent bullish run?

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Several elements seem to indicate that Bitcoin could soon experience a bullish run, but everything in the crypto market is unexpected.

Bitcoin has had a couple of pretty positive days as more and more investors decide to trust its potential. Are we looking at an imminent bullish run for Bitcoin?

Crypto Week: Bitcoin Price Goes Up on a Rocket

Time to buy?

In the last months we have reported from CriptoTendencia the several new investors that have bet on Bitcoin: MicroStrategy and Square are the most outstanding.

This is only a small proof that Bitcoin Era is generating more interest as a store of value. But, now the other question is: Should we expect a possible bullish run for Bitcoin?

But that’s just the surface. When digging deeper, we came across a report from Chainalysis Markets Intel which concluded that, in addition to price increases, there has been an increase in the confidence generated by the leading crypto.

Basically investors, from retailers to large hedge funds, are betting against fiat money and in favor of Bitcoin.

Just today, a report was released by Glassnode entitled „The Week On-Chain,“ where it noted that the growth in Bitcoin whale accounts slowed throughout September.

But, beyond that, Glassnode says this is good for Bitcoin because, in looking at the history of the leading crypto, „the beginning of a decline in BTC whale numbers has often meant increased interest from retail investors and the beginning of a race to the top of the market.

What do you think? Will Bitcoin experience a bullish run soon?

Bitcoin Price May Be Rising Due to U.S. Stimulus

Governments buying Bitcoin?

Today the well-known crypto analyst, WhalePanda, pointed out on Twitter that governments around the world could start buying Bitcoin.

You’ve probably wrinkled your brow with suspicion as you read this, impossible to think about. However, if we stop for a minute, perhaps the idea is not so far-fetched.

Several crypto market analysts have considered the acquisition of Bitcoin by governments as a possibility, especially as leading crypto sets its course as a clear reservoir of value.

Will governments start buying Bitcoin?

Aave wants to bring DeFi closer to institutional use

Today Aave informed that it would have received an investment of 25 million dollars from the companies Blockchain Capital, Standard Crypto, among others.

According to Decrypt, Stani Kulechov, CEO of Crypto Protocol, „Aave raised funds from strategic investors to bring DeFi closer to institutional use and expand the size of the team to cater for growth in Asian markets“.

Are Bitcoin and DeFi not so interesting anymore?

Ethereum sees light at the end of the crypt tunnel, doesn’t it?

According to DappRadar’s latest report, 96% of DeFi transactions are made at Ethereum. However, as the fever in the decentralized finance sector subsides, the use of Ethereum has decreased considerably.

The crypto market analysis firm, Santiment, found a slow but steady decline in the use of crypto since September 17.

Bad news? Not necessarily. On the positive side, it offers some calm for cryptology and its development team after a few tumultuous months.

Ethereum use sinks

USD 11 million in the leading crypto era Satoshi moved

We recently reported in CryptoTrend that some Bitcoins dating from the Satoshi era were moved. Today, again, 1,000 BTCs were moved to one address as reported by Kirill K, a professional crypto coin dealer, on LinkedIn.

Obviously this is interesting news for the crypto market as it leads us to speculate on who might have moved the crypto. Could it belong to the inner circle of Sathoshi Nakamoto?

Now is the time to invest in Bitcoin?

In a few lines…

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