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Project news signature images

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BOINC project news signature images

Design your own BOINC projects news signature image that will display the latest news from your favourite BOINC projects, updated every 3 hours!

The news that's displayed in your image is a shortened version of the Project news page on this website, except you get to choose the news you want to see. To learn how to design your image, scroll down and read "How to program YOUR project news signature image"

Select your type=>     Type 1 - News from All BOINC projects or One Single Project
Type 2 - You choose a specific group of projects that you want news from

Type 1 - Select your project=>    
Select your background colour=>    

Select number of news items you want to display=>     News item(s)

Your signature image contains=>     Latest News from Leiden Classical with a White background and 3 news item(s). Looks cool! Just copy the code below the image

BOINC Projects news image
Your BB Code for forum and message board signatures
(Click inside the box, then right click the box and copy the code)

Your HTML code to embed this image in any website
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The image URL

How to program YOUR project news signature image!

The BOINC project news signature image generator takes the latest news from the most popular BOINC science projects and generates an image containing that news. Its the same news you see displayed on the Project news page on this website. You can display the image that YOU designed in your forum signature or any website. Once you program the options for the type, project, colour and number of news items, a code is generated just below the image and you can simply copy the code for the image you programmed.

You can select news from all BOINC projects, a single project or you can tick boxes to select your own specific group of projects (Very handy to exclude news from projects you're not interested in!). There are several different background colours to choose from and you can choose to display 1, 2 or 3 news items. Displaying 3 news items in the image looks great but the image is quite large and you might prefer to keep the image smaller by selecting just 1 or 2 news items.

Important note; Worth noting that the most active image that will change most frequently will be if you select "Type 1" and "All BOINC projects" or "Type 2" and a very large collection of single projects. Some projects produce regular daily or weekly news but other projects might not produce news for a long time. The image is updated every 3 hours regardless.

This is a great way to get the very latest news from your favourite projects and display the news on the forums and websites you visit. Its also a great way to promote your favourite BOINC projects. Just think it is a whole lot easier to post the news on forums rather than make a bunch of custom t-shirts and spread the word that way.